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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  February 27, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> scary because otherwise it is a nice quaint area. >> a female jogger exercising in the middle of the day in rock hill is followed by a suspicious man. we will tell tell you how the situation went south quickly. >> good evening i'm jenna, thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox a top official in the public schools now clear of any criminal charges. this after the fd fbi started an investigation and whether her side job with a computer company exact was a conflict of interest. we are live in the newsroom after be the first to
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>> hi jenna it centered around purchase laptops and it turns out the superintendent has a side business with a former exec of a computer company. her district is dishing out money but they say nothing criminal is happening. >> there are no criminal charges for union county public schools superintendent, doctor mariella's. ellis. that's was decided after a three-month investigation centered around her side business and her new business partner jason. jason moody and hamm was in except at the company when the investigation first began. the biggest problem, this all this all came to light after union, public schools purchased 10000 laptops from the company.
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conflict of interest. a personal business relationship from a vendor that the school uses. >> back in november, plaques 46 spoke with sean mar who uncovered this information leading to the state investigation. on friday union county district attorney issued a statement saying there is no evidence any crime was committed by doctor ellis. the board of education member gary tells me, i felt this would always be the case, it is case, it is a cloud hanging over everyone and now we can see the sunshine. while the sun may be shining on the school district right now, this is not over just yet. employed by bonobo and the board of education will be conducting its own investigation to see if they find any conflict of interest. >> reporter: to other employees a link to it to the side business were also clear by the investigation. the board of education has called a special meeting to take place monday morning at 8:00 a.m. that is a when they will talk about the investigation they
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doctor ellis. >> jenna: thank you david. that meeting will be a closed session session meaning it is not open to the public. we will continue to monitor the outcome and bring you any information as it becomes available. >> so check this out, some scary moments on folding after a gas station goes up in flames during a busy time of the day with tons of people nearby. thankfully no one was hurt but there's plenty of damage. investigators are working to find out what caused the fire. the the blaze broke out before 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. the plays ran from the store and some who lived at the condo complex next-door also left. everyone worried the gas pumps nearby would blow. >> it was extremely frightening, i didn't think too much of it at first it was just small flames and was pretty calm and collected. the minute i saw the flames come
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and decided to leave. >> jenna: the fire department said the flame was contained in the store itself and never approach the pump. it did take 23 firefighters to beat that blaze. the son of an 82-year-old woman killed two years ago was in court for the first time today. tonight she's been held without bond. 57-year-old erwin feldman erwin feldman has been charged with feldman. the body of his mother was found in his home back in february 2014. police interviewed feldman yesterday and were able to make an arrest. he could face additional charges, he is said to appear in court for a bond hearing on march 9 followed by a probable cause hearing on the 14th. a man is behind bars tonight on a child sex abuse charges. 38-year-old thomas welch junior of gastonia was arrested for statutory sex offense with a child under the age of 15. the child that was abused welch
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february. he is currently in the jail and held on 100,000 about. a20-year-old south carolina woman typical workout took it scary turn one a man started chasing after her with a knife. ashley talked with people who are they are shocked hear about this in their hometown. >> people in the area say it is scary news to hear that something like this could have happened in rock hills. luckily quick thinking by the woman may have saved her life. and nearby credit union caught it all on camera. >> it was a normal afternoon afternoon jog for a woman on thursday. until a suspicious man forced her to pick up the pace. the woman told police after speeding up she heard footsteps coming
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chasing after her. people who live near downtown rock hills are shocked to hear this happened in broad daylight. >> this is the first time i have heard of anything like that. you see please around here a lot, there on cars and golf carts. my people feel perfectly safe being down here. >> ashlee: the woman who police have not identified ran into a nearby credit union where she hid inside the bathroom. now what happened is forcing the community to be extra cautious. even in the middle of the day. >> is scary, because otherwise it is a nice, quaint area. we come down here to eat and never had a problem. spee3 please say say the man entered the credit union but only took a few steps inside before leaving. they are revealing security footage from the credit union showing the man. >> anyone with information related to the case is asked to
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live in the newsroom. spee2 thank you for that information. we have an update to a story we brought you at 6:00 p.m. first responders telling us to people in two separate vehicles had manor injuries injuries and were taken to the hospital after they were in the accident with a fire truck. it happened outside of levine children's hospital just after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. no firefighters no firefighters were hurt. no word on what may have caused the wreck. it looks like the battle over charlotte's newly packed nondiscrimination ordinances and north carolina house speaker is asking fellow republican colleagues whether they want a address the ordinance. the speaker tim moore wrote to the house republican seeking to gauge their interest in returning before the next regularly scheduled work. to respond to the ordinance which takes effect april first. some gop leaders are unhappy
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would allow transgender people to choose public restrooms to correspond with their gender identity. more will ask the senate leader to join him in calling a special session if at least 72 house responses are in favor. there are currently 75 house gop caucus members. i man you not expect to be riding a bicycle is going to the world championship. he is competing on one. he is a blind military veteran from mooresville who will be representing the team usa in a world track race in italy. chester triplett and kyle make up a tandem bike paris cycling team. kyle is a back front and chester is in the back. chester was active duty in the army when he started to lose his sight. >> i always had passion for cycling but once i was diagnosed with i disease i knew that race and a bike would not be a possibility. >> i'm verizon like that on the
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he is on the back because we are so in sync. >> there are two of 18 athletes who are selected to represent team usa in march. next week what what they will travel to california for additional training and had to italy for the world championship. >> jenna: it is a happy ending after all for the rock hill puppy who was stabbed and shot multiple times. ebenezer abnormal hospital say a 10-year-old girl,-year-old girl, kaylee will be taking brody home. the a girl just lost her 15-year-old lab to old age but tomorrow they will be giving brody a forever home. last week the brody story went viral when two teens abused the dog and they called the recovery miraculous. just one day after the gop debate filled with insult the candidates were back on the campaign trail .. on the offense. the front runner with a
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ahead of super tuesday. hillary clinton, and bernie sanders were acting much more tame heading into saturday south carolina democratic. now we have more. >> a familiar face on the campaign trail for one day. new new jersey governor chris christie throwing support behind the candidate leading the republican race. >> i am proud to be here to endorse a donald trump or president of the united states. >> reporter: via endorsement coming for days before super tuesday when one quarter of the 1237 delegates to win the gop nomination are on the line. donald trump showing his appreciation for christie's nod. >> this was an endorsement that really meant a lot. >> the pressure to perform well in super tuesday, big reza marco rubio and ted cruz take team donald trump during last night's debate delivering more skating insults today. >> we cannot allow the conservative movement to be taken over by a con artist. >> political people are making
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switch tactics because nice was not working. >> i think marco rubio can win in florida, think the real question is whether he can keep up these attacks on donald trump. and how successful trump pushback on him as. >> with more than 2300 delegates to win the democratic nomination , hillary clinton talking about the importance of each and every vote. >> it is one of the most important elections we have had in a long time. >> reporter: despite several close caucuses and primates clinton is leading over sanders by more than 400. in washington, fox news. >> new details emerging tonight, coming up after the break, what police are now are now saying about the man they say open fire on a kansas plant yesterday afternoon killing three people and injuring dozens of more. >> jenna: backing apple,
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as they butt heads with the fbi. >> we are looking at a beautiful (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> jenna: a shooting rampage in a small kansas town leaves a four people dead including the alleged gunman. what and one dozen other people are wounded, fox news correspondents patricia stark has the latest. >> i am shocked, i never thought something like this would happen. >> with mass tragedy it is the individual moments we remember. her husband was inside the plant when the gunman started killing his coworkers. >> he said he is okay, he said someone next to them got shot. she just had to see her husband to know he was all right. oh my god. >> please say the gunman carjack someone and then started his shooting creating a large crime scene. his ultimate target, the place where he worked. a company. a company called xl industry it makes one more parts. >> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people. it it could have been much worse. one man in blue went from officer to hero and moments.
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my friend. however, there is law-enforcement that responded right away. even though though he took fire he went inside that place and he said multiple lives. he is a hero as far as i'm concerned. >> the motive for the rampage is not known at this hour. the man who runs the industry says hearts are broking. >> we are saddened by this horrific event. our heart goes out to all of our employees, all of the families who loved ones got injured or killed. >> in addition to local and state law enforcement the fbi and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are joining the investigation. >> jenna: back here in the carolinas, more money is headed to some of the flood victims in south carolina. a seven and a half billion
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to the house floor provides 40 million to flood devastator farmers, it also cuts income taxes by 130,000,000 and hundred 30 million and designated to 50 million for road project. the ways and means committee approved its spending for the fiscal year. it incorporates more than 1 billion in additional revenue. as many still struggle to regroup following the devastating floods from late last year, no rain rain to be concerned with this weekend. we'll get a check of your accu weather forecast. >> we are expecting to see dry and quiet conditions, the wins were a bit breezy earlier today. they will die out and we will be much lighter for the rest of the overnight hours. it will become more kolmar around the regions with high pressure and control. we are 35 degrees right now, clear skies, wins out of the north 6 miles per hour. the winds are going to get lighter. it will be on the colder side, mainly clear skies, temperatures in the 20s for overnight lows.
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cold side. with the sunshine out temperatures will be warming up nicely. we will get into the 50s for the start of the weekend. by sunday 63 degrees for a daytime high. you daytime high. you may want to head out to the southern spring home and garden show this weekend. maybe that would give you a great idea to do some gardening and yardwork this weekend. maybe not as fun with all that sunshine out there. were keeping an eye on the cold front on monday. it is a weak boundary so we do not expect a lot from it. not a lot of moisture. maybe an isolated shower, 10% chance. the front loose quickly and high pressure gains control when a bigger storm sister comes in and you can see when that happens tuesday night into wednesday with a 50% chance for showers on wednesday. another system could come in thursday night into friday.
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your extended forecast, sunshine over the weekend, 50s were tomorrow, 60s by the end of the weekend. beautiful across the board. that way become active across areas, the system that comes through tuesday night into wednesday will be our bigger system. it will take energy out of the atmosphere. once that second second system comes through it will not be as intense. there is still be the possibility of shower activities later on in the week as well. temperatures will be called as each system come to the area. spee2 apple is getting support in its fight against the fbi. the entire major tech community is coming together, microsoft, google, twitter say they plan to back apple against hacking into apple. it's not clear if they will be separate or joint. apple filed a motion to vacate the california magistrate judges order on thursday. arguing that being forced to enforce the fbi break into the iphone would violate the
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amendment right. speaking of apple, it's personal assistant siri is exclusive to only as iphone and ipad, that is all about to change. apple said siri will be on all plat forms thanks to the new photo os upgrade. you can command siri to do things that apple watches, apple tv and even your macbook. the upgrades will be available to users in june. the feds are giving volkswagen off hard date to come up with a fix for the diesel engine cars that could cheat admissions test. the german automaker has until march 24 to provide all available solutions on how to fix and compensate owners of those affected cars. back in september they admitted they use software more than 500,000 u.s. cars that allow
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illegally. one college campus will be having a hard time pulling an all-night study session. middleberry college in vermont has banned all energy drinks, saying at least two problematic behavior like l: abuse and high risk sexual activity. the school says it does nothing to nourish students. young adults on campus who do drink five hour energy and read both say the institution is overstepping its boundary. a recent mayo clinic study said 116-ounce energy energy drink can increase the blood pressure and stress hormones, putting some users at risk. >> the title wrap up as contestants in the hearts out in hopes to be the last one standing. a look look back at special guests who stop by last night. >> all eyes on south carolina
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tomorrow's democratic primary. >> moments that everyone is talking about tonight, during last night's american idol showcase, the first out ever idle, kelly clarkson gave an emotional performance that no one will forget. >> the remaining six spots have been billed as america voted for their favorite singers to round out the farewell season top ten. >> i'm so proud of all of the additions and the deliberation that i have with jenny and keith. i think we really have a special group. >> i think we have a killer top ten, tonight was electric and it is on. >> there is no time to waste as the lucky ten moved into the next round with new performances. >> you do have to move pretty
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every time one of us progresses it is like a miniature celebration in our head, and then it is like oh crap, what do we do next. your mind is immediately starting to go on what you're going to sing next. how you are going to keep going on this journey. >> season one winner kelly clarkson returned to the show to co- judge and perform. >> because she had the experience, she knew how everyone was feeling. it was a good thing to hear her feedback. she was in the position i was in. >> image you want to live up to the moment even more. go even higher than i was planning on doing. for her to say everything she said to meas like on believable. >> save the best for last. >> after the show the final got their start treatment walking the first red carpet event.
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i just turned 17 sans just a kid still. it's really cool to get to live that dream out. >> everything is super comfortable. >> watch to see who america votes through next thursday, only on fox. >> in hollywood, fox news. >> jenna: project update, renovations and improvements to the ymca's where do they stand now. forget the gridiron, tonight josh norman was fully focused on the hard way. we will explain why, explain why, next. >> we are looking at sunshine this weekend. a front coming coming in on monday monday. we will have the details in your
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minutes. >> jenna: recapping our top stories tonight, top official in union county public schools schools is now clear of any criminal charges. this after the fbi started an investigation looking into whether any improper payments were made to the district superintendent. the investigation centered centered around millions of dollars in purchased laptop by the union county public schools. the superintendent has a side business with a former former exact of a computer company
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they say nothing criminal is happening. >> a 20-year-old south carolina woman's typical workout took a scary turn when a man started chasing her with a knife. this all unfolding in rock hill on thursday. the woman told police after speeding up she heard footsteps coming from behind her, she looked back and saw a man holding a knife chasing her. people who lived near downtown rock hill are shocked to hear it happen in broad daylight. please are asking if you have information that may help them in the case, you are urged to give them a call. scary moments unfolding earlier after a gas station goes up in flames. during one of the busiest times of day with tons of people nearby. thankfully no one was hurt. there was plenty of damage. investigators are working to find out what caused the fire on circle k on north grant street. the grand street. the blaze broke out before 12:30 p.m. employees ran from the store and some people who live in the condo complex next-door also left.
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nearby may blow. a big day campaigning for linton and sanders as saturday marks south carolina first in the south democratic presidential primary. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders now making their final campaign push ahead of south carolina democratic primary on saturday. >> you can count on me. i will never let the republican repeal the affordable care act. >> hillary clinton on the campaign trail in charleston, south carolina on friday. stopping. stopping in restaurant, posing for self is, then moving onto a rally in georgia. >> i differ with my opponent who talks about pre-education for everybody. i am not going to ask you to contribute your tax dollars to send donald trump's youngest child to college. i want to want to focus on middle-class families, working families and poor kids who
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>> clinton is ahead in the polls in south carolina. she now is a focus on super tuesday. >> i need your help in the campaign, i need your help on tuesday. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders is busy campaigning starting his friday in minnesota. >> he she's a very good speaker but you have 225,000 dollars per speech for goldman sachs. you have to be really good and i don't know really good and i don't know she's that good. >> sanders keeping up her attack on clinton for her wall street connection. >> it might be a good idea to release the transcript. maybe what you said behind closed doors is a little different than what you are saying to the american people. >> clinton has defended her paid speeches say they will not soften her campaign for softer regulation. she said she hit her last
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candidate he still in the game. >> jenna: tonight, south carolina shot sheriff deputy is recovering after being shot twice in an overnight confrontation. according to the berkeley county sheriff office the officer was hit twice after she stopped a vehicle. when she would apprehend the driver she was shot twice blow her body armor. she is recovering in a hospital, officials n n releasing the name of the suspect who was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> as news broke following the deputy's injury, new details were being released involving the palmetto state and guns. some asking if the state had a problem. one study suggesting that it might. a new johns hopkins report did a study to identify each state's most distinctive injury -related death. seven states were seven states were flagged for unintentional firearm death.
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the the researchers noted that none of the states have laws recording the safe storage of guns. they say you do not have to do a study to set up a debate. we have a new development in a construction project at one of the ymcas largest charlotte locations. the dowd ymca has announced they will collaborate with richard memorial baptist church using their parking lot into a parking deck for the dow. they are trying they are trying to raise $26.5 million to renovate that facility. if you're looking for work in charlotte you may want to get your resume ready and go to the airport. they're holding a community job fair tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. there will be hundreds of folk, park, park, and temporary positions open. most are at the airport and some are at other places in the community. they they ring range
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also piedmont airlines will be speaking to candidates. the american airline subsidiary announced it needs 300 new employees. >> a mantis standing by the weather center. temperatures will be in the 60s on sunday. >> it is going to be a beautiful weekend. the skies clear out today, lots of sunshine overhead. that will remain in place that only for your saturday but also will extend into sunday's well. temperatures have fallen back, usually in the 20s and 30s for most locations. overnight lows will be in the 20s for most places. about 27 degrees, mostly cold skies and cold conditions. wins will be lighter than where we were earlier today. those will remain on the lighter side throughout the weekend with high pressure and control. it will stay in control over the weekend before we finally get it to the start of the week and things
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sunshine before your saturday, think about doing some outdoor planning, maybe what you want to do for around the house, keep in mind that even though it is going to be a nice weekend you may still want to it indoors. the spring home and garden show is going on. 54 degrees the course of tomorrow. if you're going to be outdoors keep in mind the pollen index. i saw a lot of things blooming across the area as i was driving into work. this is showing the pollen index is up there. it will stay up there now that we are in warmer conditions. we will see the trees as well as flowers starting to bloom. it looks like a cold front will pass through on monday. we are not expecting a lot of moisture from it. i have a 10% chance on monday for an isolated shower, realistically we don't expect to
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it's a very slight chance almost distressed to get ten percent. high pressure gets back in control as we work our way through the rest of the day on monday night into tuesday. it doesn't stick long for long. a bigger storm coming in from the west will bring us a good opportunity for rain as we go into tuesday night and wednesday. that will pump some moisture into the atmosphere. we could see a good soaking from the storm as it passes through the area. here's the extended forecast, 54 degrees, 54 degrees on tomorrow, 63 on sunday, tuesday night into wednesday will be active and thursday night into friday. the secondary system will not be quite a strong. notice temperatures as temperatures as it comes through will be cooler. will will be back in the 40s and 50s by the end of the week. >> a zika update as of nine pregnant u.s. travelers have
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one given birth with a child with a zika. eight other women, to have had miscarriages and to have opted to have abortions. while the zika virus was detected in the fetal tissue it is not known if that's what caused the miscarriages. north carolina has seen one case of its own. finding it hard to work out? this may be the motivation you need. researchers now say changes to the brain caused by obesity may also cause memory problems. the study looked at 50 people between ages of 1818-35 who had a bm i between 18 and 51. i. i bmi of 30 is considered obese. bathing memory tested over today. people with higher bmis performed poorly on the test.
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who smoke pot at a young age, it turns out their brains may wind up looking very different from those who started using marijuana later in life. the research team analyzed the mri scans of 42 heavy marijuana users, 20 of them started using before turning 16. compared to those who started using pot later in life, those who started before turning 16 had thicker cortexes, fewer wrinkles and less a gray and white matter contrast in the brain. the more marijuana someone smoked are used, the more their brain development was affected. experts not involved in the study said such alterations could impact a person's thinking and reasoning later in life. further research is needed because the study does not sit smoking affects the skills as they age. they could not determine what they started using marijuana in
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putting to make the world better for kids. tonight it was quarterback josh norman playing host at his very first basketball tournament to raise money for his foundation. >> reporter: on the gridiron, josh norman and thomas a davis may be teammates. >> there's a lot of talk about who can play ball and who is the best. >> reporter: this time they are going head-to-head on the hardwood. >> they're facing off as team captains for the celebrity basketball tournament. money raised will help improve the lives of athletes. >> we like to get back to the community as much as we can. for me this is number one.
1:41 am
>> with the proceeds from the event they hope to have a big turnout tonight. and they want to encourage kids to stay off the street. >> when i was growing up, it was violence and gaining related activity,. >> david knows firsthand what these efforts me. he too helped fund others. >> when it comes to charity they hope that the game is getting the ball rolling. >> first you have to start at home and then you can branch out.
1:42 am
his foundation are you planning more celebrity basketball tournaments for the near future. >> hygienic, they were a 14-point lead but they come to (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> we begin tonight with a finish in the hornets gay. charlotte breaking 14-point lead in the second half but they blew
1:44 am
the pacers kept chipping away at the lead until they finally took it over with five minutes to go. kendall walker to the rescue. charlotte retook the lead with three minutes. marvin williams get the ball and he was 26 and 13. no call on this play, the basket is good and the pacers retake the lead so it is up to kendall walker. he makes it look so easy as he swoops in for the go-ahead bucket for one last chance for the pacers. at the buzzard, just off the market, the the hornets when 96-95. >> there wasn't really much it's high pitch and roll, give him the ball and let him make a play. seriously, players went. we have
1:45 am
to run before, get it here, listen he is playing terrific, we call a timeout get in the ball and he will make a play and did it all night. >> the hornets are back in action on sunday at atlanta for a 3:30 p.m. josh norman stop by our shows today to talk about his favorite nascar driver and what he likes to do in the city. why carolina fans want to know is will he be appear for next year. as you know, norman is currently a free agent. earlier this week carolina gm said the team is working on trying to get him a long-term deal, if they cannot come to terms they could still use that franchise to keep him around for another season. this morning he gave us indication that this is where he wants to stay. >> i am here as of right now until things change. i don't see
1:46 am
hopefully i can stay and have another year and do this for a long time. i've been a carolina boy since day one, i don't want to change that. >> the pan there's coaching staff has their hands full, it is never too early to begin talking about off-season development for their current players, specifically quarterback, cam newton. previous years and allowed him to work on his game all summer long, lester that resulted in an m vp campaign. taking the same approach this season. >> it worked last your. we talked about the things he felt strongly about getting better at. one thing we talked about as a coaching staff is to improve in the red zone which we got better at. he talked about certain passes he wanted to improve with. again, giving him something to target i think is something that
1:47 am
>> the nascar sprint cup series moves to atlanta motor speedway this weekend for the second race of the season. kyle. kyle busch the fastest times are qualifying for sunday's 500 but he failed to post qualifying inspection. his time has been disallowed. he will start from the back of the pack now and his brother kurt is now the pull center for sunday's race. it has been an exciting week for denny hamlin after his win from last week. if you want this week he would be the second driver to win the first two races of the season, but remember this is the first track, the new downforce rule change will be used with more emphasis on driver ability which hamlin admits will be an adjustment going forward. >> it will take some time to get it figured out. we showed a little bit the first practice but we will go to work, it will take a bit of a a process.
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we have some direction to go to >> fans of the soft hit gotham prepare for a darker world. in addition to all new characters and the return of some fan favorites. rick. rick leventhal has more from the cast. >> the world of gotham is about to get more twisted and dark as the show continues with a wrath of the billions chapter beginning monday night on fox. >> where dark show already but it really gets real. especially for oswald.
1:52 am
profoundly horrifying torturous experiences he has ever faced in his life. >> before introducing new villains were having our villains from previous seasons reborn. although we do get into mr. freeze immediately at the beginning of the second half of the second season. we also have some villains who were around before who art reborn in the indian hill laboratory. >> highly anticipated returns include fan favorites, jay is back, the fishes on the chopping block. she is coming back in an away but i think it will be very captivating television. >> for jim gordon, his day job and home life will be affected by his recent choices. >> jim's demons are not going to
1:53 am
now. he is going to pay the price for what he has done and what he is about to do. and what the audience is going to see. he pays a price not only with his own existence but his relationships. none more so. >> alfred and bruce wayne will continue their training. >> he trains and teaches them and tries to conduct in all things like that. >> and that means young bruce will keep getting closer and closer to the caped crusader he is destined to become. >> one of the things that is really awesome of the second half of the season is you really start to see the trademark qualities that batman and that really starts to come out. you start to see in origin. it's really great.
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>> a day charlotte wakes up every morning so here is look at what is coming your way on monday. >> on monday is "good day charlotte" we will recapping the oscars, who took home the golden trophy and who looked golden on the right carpet. >> also breast reconstruction
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will tell you creative ways people are raising funds to bring awareness to this disease. >> that's 430 - 9:00 a.m. >> as you finalize weekend plans the 56 in the southern spring, southern spring, garden show kicks off today and charlotte. we will be able to talk with one on one with home design experts, vendors selling home accessories. it will also feature top chefs and cooking segments. organizers say this is one of their biggest years and they really have outdone themselves with more than 400 while there you can stop by and say hi to some of your fox 46 personalities at the booth. we will be back out there tomorrow. tickets are $11 at the door. the show will continue through out the weekend february 26 -
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>> i will be out there around lunchtime. come visit me. if you're going to be out here's a final look at your weather. we are expecting. we are expecting the weekend to be gorgeous. lots of sunshine for both saturday and sunday. temperatures start start off the weekend at 34 degrees tomorrow. as you get into sunday temperatures will climb because we'll start off with a bit warmer. we will jump to about 63 degrees on sunday afternoon. that is just above average for this time of year. typically of year. typically we are at around 58. sixtys will continue on monday and tuesday. a week from coming through on monday, don't expect a lot from that. a better storm sister coming in midweek, tuesday night into wednesday temperatures close to the 70-degree mark. temperatures will cool off. a secondary system will come through later thursday night into friday. all of these events are going to be rain events for our area. it looks like the temperatures will be on the milder side but each system comes through week will back off.
1:59 am
thursday and 47 on friday. it will be a good weekend. hopefully you can get out and a joint.
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>> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. this is the end of exercise. >> get ready to cize it up. [ beat drops ] [ people cheering ] are you ready to dance? 5, 6, 7, 8! >> on my way in i'ma take it >> stop exercising, people. it's time to start dancing. welcome to cize. >> announcer: cize is the all-new dance workout program that's gonna make losing weight fun and easy. >> to me, it's not even exercise because i don't want to stop. >> announcer: it's simple -- dance, have fun, and get awesome results. >> it's just like one big party turns on. it's so empowering. >> i spent many years of torturous exercises. cize, 45 pounds down easy. >> it's just fun. i think that that's the key, is that it doesn't feel like work. >> exercise is something you have to do. cize is something you'll want to do.


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